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A Comprehensive Guide on Warehouse Facility

If your business is part of the retail chain, you understand just how important warehouse facility is. Inventory storage affects everything from sourcing the product from the manufacturer to getting your customer deliveries done on time. The principles of warehousing have not evolved much in the last ten years or so but there has been immense growth in warehousing solutions. New technologies have been integrated into warehouses that have streamlined how warehouses work.

Below we will discuss warehousing in more detail and give insights on how you can use warehousing to improve your business model.

1. What are the basic types of warehouses?

Let’s start this off with a definition. Warehousing is the process of storing goods before they are sold or distributed to selling points. Warehouses are specifically designed in an organised way so that it is easy to track where goods are located in the warehouse, how long the goods have been in storage for and how much quantity there is of the goods in the warehouse.

There are six main types of warehouses. There are private warehouses, public warehouses, automated warehouses, climate-controlled warehouses, fulfilment centres and distribution centres.

2. What is inside a warehouse?

A warehouse is built for maximum efficiency. The main component of a warehouse is the storage space. This is where inventory is stored Pallet jacks are used to carry heavy loads. Integrated dock levellers and the edge of dock levellers are used to make it easy to move loads from one place to the other inside the warehouse. Cranes and hoists are used to make it easy for operators to manipulate loads.

3. What are the functions of warehousing solutions?

Warehousing has many functions. Firstly, inventory is stored and the number of units on hand is continuously updated. There are warehouse systems that ensure that the oldest inventory is distributed first and that all despatches are made correctly. Warehouses also deal with returns and are able to assess and process the received item.

4. What are the benefits of warehouse facility?

A warehouse facility is a great way to enhance productivity and lower running costs for many businesses. Without the need to store inventory on-site, it is easy for businesses to expand the product range that they offer to their clients. The space that the company has available can then be used for product development and process improvement.

By storing your goods in a warehouse, you ensure that you have a steady supply of inventory. Having this ensures that you can have stable prices and you can forecast production, production and loss.

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