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Strategically located Storage Warehouse in Perth featuring 20,000 sq. metres of storage capacity

Looking for WAREHOUSE Storage Solutions and CONTAINER STORAGE in PERTH?

Austwide Transport, Logistics  & Warehouse Storage is an independent warehousing company that offers a one-stop-shop for all warehouse storage solutions Perth and transport & logistic requirements in Perth & Western Australia. We understand just how time-consuming and expensive storage of goods, pick and pack services, and processing can become. That’s why we offer a cost-effective supply chain solution that includes warehouse storage services, pick and pack services, pallet racking and storage services as well as distribution across Australia. We deliver direct to your doorstep to any destination in the country. For further information about any warehouse storage and container storage Service, Please Contact us!

Top Rated WAREHOUSE STORAGE company in Perth because we have:

  • A secure storage in warehousing, our warehouse equipped with high-tech security features 
  • Sizeable warehouse  storage with 20, 000 sq. metres of storage capacity
  • Our Warehouse Perth storage is  in a prime location with access to major roads
  • Cost-saving fees that increase supply chain efficiencies
  • 24/7 Security monitoring of warehouse storage
  • Get cheap storage for your business goods & move it from point A to B.
  • ESFR Fire System
  • Most convenient warehouse Perth storage provider all safety measures checks.
  • Take advantage of the shelving systems of Austwide storage to safeguard your goods.
  • Take the support of a fantastic warehouse company that has a wide range of storage unit sizes to offer.
  • Get warehouse and logistics services at competitive rates.

What makes our CONTAINER Warehouse Storage different from others?

Looking for a container warehouse storage service in Perth? Our warehouse storage is a 20, 000 square metre secure facility complete with CCTV, a back-to-base alarm system, and 24/7/365 security monitoring. Austwide Transport, Logistics  & Warehouse Storage has the ability to accommodate pallets or individual goods for short, medium, and long-term warehouse storage solutions.

Want to get low storage prices in Perth? If yes, try Austwide Storage.

Why is insurance important for the CONTAINER AND goods stored in the Warehouse Storage?

For your peace of mind, we have comprehensive insurance that covers your goods & containers while they are stored at our facility and when they are in transit during nationwide distribution. Enjoy stress-free logistics & warehouse storage solutions from the collection, and storage to delivery. Contact us and Choose top rated container storage warehouse service in Perth WA.

Hassle-Free Container Warehouse Storage FACILITY IN PERTH 

If you don’t have enough space to store goods or don’t have the capacity to receive and store containers. Looking for container storage Perth, WA? Austwide Transport, Logistics  & Warehouse Storage can help you. All kinds of transport and logistics services are available for any kind of business requirements you have. Our facility has receival and distribution areas for B-double trucks, sufficient room to store 20 ft and 40 ft containers, and 30-tonne container lifters on site. Ship your favorite goods with Austwide shipping container storage without hassles and on time.


Austwide Transport, Logistics & Warehouse Storage is located at 6/22 Magnet Road Canning Vale WA 6155. We provide an efficient goods & container storage solution for businesses in Perth and Western Australia. Our location is ideal as we have excellent access to major road networks and docks. Contact us today for any kind of warehouse storage services like container de-stuffing, warehouse storage, pick and pack, transport and logistics services, and nationwide distribution of consignments.

Austwide Transport, Logistics  & Warehouse Storage takes great pride in ensuring that your shipments are protected from theft and damage in two ways: deployment of the latest security systems and careful handling of the consignment by our highly skilled and trained teams. Every inch of our 20, 000 sq. metres warehouse is monitored 24-hours a day, 7-days a week thanks to our sophisticated CCTV cameras. To add on, we have a back-to-base alarm system and ESFR fire system for maximum coverage. Transfer your goods safely and securely with a top logistics and warehousing company Austwide Storage to grow your business.

Austwide Transport, Logistics  & Warehouse Storage is the leading logistics company in Perth & Western Australia. Our reputation as a trustworthy logistics partner precedes us in the industry. Furthermore, our competitive prices allow you to save money on warehouse leases, potential staff overhead costs, hiring lifting equipment, and de-stuffing containers. Boasting a warehouse with 20, 000 sq. metres worth of storage space we have sufficient room to handle consignments of sizeable magnitude. Fulfill your storage requirements to gather your products at a place and sell it afterward. Use the Austwide Storage as part-time storage units for making a product-based business a success. Take the storage options of a promising company to deliver goods at the right place and at the right time.

As a reputable warehouse logistics partner, we offer additional services in the form of pallet storage, container de-stuffing, warehousing, nationwide distribution, container storage, and provision of container lifting equipment. Discuss your logistics needs with any one of our staff. We would be happy to devise a tailored plan for you and your business. Austwide Transport, Logistics  & Warehouse Storage  – Perth’s number one logistics provider. Austwide is a famous pick packer that ships items to your clients for your business welfare. Call the Austwide storage for mobile self-storage to take care of your goods by yourself. We’ll also provide safe sea container storage in Australia to keep the sea items in safe hands.

Stephen Overing

I have been a customer for over two years now, and I’m delighted to say I have never considered going elsewhere. The service I receive at Austwide Warehouse Storage & Logistics is impeccable, always reliable and the communication is always on point with their customers. I would happily recommend this amazing service to anyone that’s looking for reliable storage services then look no further than Austwide Warehouse Storage & Logistics.

Tim Speake

As the managing director of a busy events company, I needed to find warehouse storage services to cater to our busy schedule and Austwide Storage & Logistics was the answer. All our products are delivered on time and in good shape with no issues during or after delivery. Austwide Warehouse Storage & Logistics provides amazing, fast, and easy customer service with no headaches or issues. Would highly recommend Austwide Warehousing Storage & Logistics.

Ronda Sheer

Austwide Warehouse Storage & Logistics customer service is exceptional in every aspect. The whole team goes above and beyond to ensure that all my queries are dealt with in a professional and timely matter. Thank you Austwide team!

Chris Chapman

Austwide has maintained our inventory for over a year now. Logistics and warehousing services from the online store have never been easier and so quickly as they have the latest technology used and built within their website that makes it super easy to use to ensure our orders are always been dealt with at a professional time and period!

Franny Hill

Since 2018 we have relied on Austwide Warehouse Storage & Logistics to fulfill all our shipping orders. Their inventory reporting is always accurate and our orders are always sent on time. We have collaborated well with the team and have a great relationship that has produced fantastic results over the last couple of years. Because of that we wholeheartedly recommend Austwide Storage & Logistics to any company that needs warehouse storage and logistics services.

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